How to Buy Lingerie A Guide For Men

You are wise to read How to Buy Lingerie A Guide For Men before you set out into a world we know nothing about.

So, you're thinking about buying lingerie for the woman in your life. 

A well chosen gift of lingerie is one of the most romantic things you can do. It is an intimate gift which can make lady feel sexy and loved. Purchase the right gift of lingerie and odds are you'll be invited to unwrap it later on. Choose the wrong lingerie and you will almost certainly live to regret it. 

How to buy lingerie a guide for men

This guide will show you how to choose the right gift of lingerie (the kind of gift that keeps on giving).

1. The lingerie is NOT for you

Yes, I know you think it's for you. But, if she won't wear it, then it's a gift that neither of you will enjoy. If she won't wear it, then it's a gift that neither of you will enjoy.  Quality counts. Avoid buying the cheap poorly made items. Women are experts in shopping, they know quality when they see and touch it. You don't want here to think you are cheap. So you need to choose something that she will like. How do you know what she'll like? Just follow steps 2 and 3 below. For some ideas, visit eyekandeelingerie

2. What's the occasion? Or, not occasion at all

Are you buying her lingerie for a special occasion - birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary? A silky robe or sexy gown makes a great birthday or Christmas gift. For Valentine's Day or your anniversary try a babydoll, camisole, chemise, or teddy camisole, teddy, or garter set.

Maybe you're buying lingerie in order to to spice things up. Try giving her lingerie for no reason at all and see the reaction! Depending on her disposition you might want to try something in leather or vinyl. You can also play dress up with a sexy costume or corset.

Before you buy, you also need to think about how and where will the lingerie be worn? Is this an item that will be primarily worn in the bedroom, for your eyes only? Will she wear it under her everyday clothes? She might be willing to wear something that's somewhat uncomfortable for a few minutes in the bedroom, but she won't want to wear it all day long.

Don't forget that sexy clothes are a perfect compliment to lingerie. They can be worn to a club or for a night on the town.

3. Lingerie recon mission

This is something most men can handle - a reconnaissance mission.  If it helps, feel free to wear fatigues. You're going to recon her underwear draw and closet. What are you looking for? On this mission you are searching for three pieces of intelligence - size, style, and color.

Part A - Size

First, you need to know her sizes. You need to know her sizes.  So, start by finding her bras. Look at the label. It probably says something like 34B or 36C. Just so you know, the number part is the size in inches around her chest just below the breasts. The letter portion represents cup size (the size of the breasts - A's are smaller than D's. Average women are B and C, therefore most women fall within this range.

Next, try to find a slip, nightgown, or some of her current lingerie. Note the size - it's usually small, medium, large, x-tra large, etc. Check a few different items and choose the size that appears most often.

Part B - Style

Now look through her current lingerie and clothes. What styles does she prefer? If all of her panties are briefs, she might not wear a thong on the other hand maybe she's just waiting for an excuse. If you are into leather or vinyl and she's never worn leather or vinyl you might need to introduce these type of items gradually. You can start with just panties or a bra. You can find a nice set for any budget. You should expect to spend $50 - $150, for the really high end sexy stuff, you can easily spend over a few hundred bucks.

Part C - Color

Finally, note the color of her underwear, bras, and lingerie.  Who cares about color you ask? Well, she probably does. Some colors might look better on her. Also, if you're planning to buy her something to wear under her everyday clothes, certain colors like red or black might show through a sheer blouse. In those cases, it is far better to purchase off white, white, beige, tan or black. She may not want to wear red or bright pink under her clothing. She may balk at wearing leather to work, it just too uncomfortable, bulky, hot, sweaty etc. Having said all that, keep in mind that most women won't buy themselves hot red lingerie - this is your job!

4. How much to spend?

Remember, cheap lingerie will make her feel cheap. The good news is that high quality lingerie does not have to be expensive. A basic camisole and panty set usually sells for less than $65. Whatever your budget, you can find something she'll love.

5. Time to choose

Okay, you've gathered your intelligence and are ready to make a decision. You can travel to the mall and go to one of the large lingerie retailers. Or, better yet purchase online.

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