Zivizi Review – Can you really make money with Zivizi?

Zivizi Review – Can you really make money with Zivizi?

My honest and complete Zivizi Review!

​Full disclosure, I joined this program. Do not let that dissuade you. My review is more complete and accurate because of that fact. 

There has been a lot of interest in this company, so I decided to investigate what it was all about… Perhaps you are also asking yourself. In this review, I will provide a brief history overview of the CEO and Zivizi's founders, what products or services Zivizi offers, Zivizi's commission and earning structure, their support, when you get paid, what you get, how to get started, and I will explain Zivizi tier levels and finally the verdict and final thoughts.

1 - Is Zivizi really a legit business?

2 - Is Zivizi a safe business to join?​

First off I was like you skeptical and wondering if this was just another MLM until I attended a Zivizi presentation given by Steve Francisco, Zivizi's CEO.  This was not a raw-raw hype filled presentation. It was a concise fact filled explanation of what Zivizi has to offer in terms of product and potential earnings. I can see there was no need for any hype. The products and packaging were impressive. The company goal is to be the best and best opportunity for its promoters. They studied every previous network marketing company and took the best payout, bonus and commission structures to make Zivizi's the most generous and ambitious ever. I can honestly say, I saw tremendous potential. I have promoted a half a dozen NM companies in the past and none of them come close to Zivizi's offering.

Immediately after the presentation I had the chance to meet and speak with Steve Francisco himself. I found him to be a straight shooter, credible and very personable. It hard to believe a person with this level of experience appears to be a very humble guy. Thats a plus in my book.

Background History of Zivizi and founders

Zivizi is owned by Miyu Holdings which develops, manufactures, and markets Nutrition, Anti-aging and lifestyle Products. Based in Utah, the company was founded by Ike Hong back in 2014. Company CEO Steve Francisco is the driving force behind Zivizi. There is $200,000,000 sitting in an account to be able to launch Zivizi.

Zivizi specializes in the health and nutritional niche in network marketing. Steve Francisco is a veteran in the MLM world. He is 1 of 6 people in the world to make over $1,000,000 a month for 60 months consecutively. He took a company to over a Billion Dollars in revenue in 7 years! Back in 2005 he was involved in and exclusive “royalty agreement” with Lexxus International. Mr. Francisco has also been involved with Talk Fusion and Renua Medical. Steve Francisco is now the CEO of Zivizi!

Zivizi is a real company with real physical products

Zivizi is in the niche of health and nutrition products, this is an area that has proven time and time again to be one of the most profitable in the entire MLM market

Zivizi produces their own products. Unsurpassed Quality None of their products are simply white-labeled. There has been extensive scientific research and development in their products. 

You can see their full product lines Click HERE ZIVIZI

Zivizi office

Zivizi's strict quality standards

Zivizi’s manufacturing facility is strictly controlled by rigorous standards that meet GMPs, and it routinely passes FDA and third-party audits. Extensive testing on every product manufactured to insure consistent purity, strength, identity, and composition of each and every Zivizi product formula.

Zivizi goal is to produce the highest level of purity, safety, and quality for reliably effective use

Zivizi is unique in that they operate with an FDA-audited manufacturing facility staffed by highly trained   personnel.. Zivizi controls the entire production process, including formulation, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing, laboratory testing of incoming materials, finished product production, packaging and complete system assembly.

All Zivizi's products have Extensive research and use of:

  • Telomeres - protect the end of the chromosome from deterioration, which causes cancer, or cell death.
  • Stem Cell - the production of more cells ( read Wikipedia for full explanation)
  • Peptides - science has proven that peptides can help manage wrinkles and reverse the signs of of aging
  • Hyaluronic - extraordinarily beneficial ingredient recommended for its ability to improve skin’s texture, its powerful anti-aging properties and is also one of the premier hydrating ingredients for skin
  • Callagen -  is responsible for giving skin elasticity, hair its strength, and connective tissue its ability to hold everything in place.

There is no shortage when it comes to Zivizi products

I'm not going to go over their full product line as there are many other reviews that cover that, plus you can see if for yourself.

You can see their full product lines Click HERE ZIVIZI

Zivizi approaches this niche market differently.

They offer systems, that are easy to follow. Your customer will not have to mix and match products to get the desired results. There is no need for additional or outside products from this system. It is well thought out and convenient.

Zivizi's  packaging is second to none, your clients will know this is a high quality product.. The quality of materials and design is on the level of Apple. You can feel the quality of the paper and card stock in your hands. Much effort has been placed in the design and users experience with each product package.

Zivizi could be just the ticket for you

If you are looking to earn a substantial income from home I strongly recommend establishing “multiple” streams of income. Zivizi shows you how to build a 6 figure business through a step by step program and with the help of your sponsor and support. Joining the program you get your fully built website loaded with all Zivizi excellent products. Perhaps Zivizi could be just the ticket for you whether you are just getting in, or you are already in the MLM space. Continue to read further, you may find this "THE" opportunity of a life time.

If you’re looking to make money online, choosing the right MLM space is critical, if you chose right, they can be a good option for the beginner or the seasoned marketer. When a seasoned marketer comes across a good opportunity, they go all in and crush it. When too many of these heavy hitters jump in, the market becomes over saturated making it much more challenging for us little guys to make it big. Not so with Zivizi, you see now is the time to get in, the sharks have not smelled the bait yet, better believe they will very soon. 

11 Ways To Earn Money With Zivizi

I'm not going into detail of the commission as there are many other reviews that cover that. I will point out those areas I feel the other reviews did not cover. Now that I am on the inside, I am aware of many things most reviewers can not know.

1 - Retail Sales Commissions up to 25%

You can pay $100 wholesale price for a product and sell it at the suggested retail of $125 – you earn 25% (retail profit). Sales are not our main focus. Through Ziviz's program, more lucrative commissions are available.

You do not have to purchase inventory. All orders are handled through the main warehouse. In most cases the orders are shipped the following day!

2 - Get 3 & Yours Is Free

3 - Customer Acquisition Incentive  

With Zivizi, earn an additional 5% customer acquisition incentive on level 1, when you have five Preferred Customers, and earn an additional 10% when you have ten Preferred Customers.

4 - Fast Start Bonus

With Zivizi. As you personally enroll new ZPromoters into your team, you can earn a lucrative 20% Fast Start Bonus. Potential earnings $25 to $500.

                     Fast Start Bonus to pay out at 20% only for packs and systems. (Does not apply to automatic reorder.) Zsystems and ZPackages
ZSystem Type ZSystem Price Fast Start Bonus
Starter ZPack $125 $25
ZCore $250 $50
ZSlim $250 $50
ZEssence $500 $100
Director ZPack $1,000 $200
Executive ZPack $2,500 $500

5 - Binary Team Commission 

With Zivizi as you build your team, each new ZPromoter is placed in one of two legs within your organization. Each week you could earn 10% of the volume in your lesser leg, up to $120,000 USD in a month. 

If you join then you are placed at the top of a binary compensation structure which looks like the diagram.. You can make commission on 9 levels of your entire team! Not just two or three down-legs like most MLM’s.

As you remain Active, all Volume in the Strong Leg that is not included in the 10% Team Earnings payout for the given week will remain as carry-over volume, allowing you to be paid on it at a later time. This generous plan provides the potential to be paid on all of the Volume in your Downline Organization. Maximum payment cap is $30,000 per week and $120,000 for 4 weeks.

Zivizi Binary plan

Advantage of Binary Compensation Plan:

1. Spillover

2. Unlike other compensation plans, Binary plan pays up to unlimited depth

3. Check match

4. Rapid Expansion of downline is possible

6 - Unilevel Team Commission 

With Zivizi you earn up to 9 levels of your Diamond 3 Stars commissionable volume within your organization.

Unilevel can be more lucrative than any other compensation plans

Zivizi Unilevel plan

7 - Rank Advancement Bonus

8 - Star Achievement Bonus  

9 - Global Bonus Pool

Zivizi will pay 3% of the total Company Commission-able Volume from each month of product sales is placed into a Global Pool which is shared among the leaders.

10 - Luxury Auto Bonus 

Zivizi will pay a bonus for a payment of a luxury car of your choice for 48 months based on your Diamond rank up to $1,500 per month

11 - Lifestyle Getaways 

Zivizi wants to reward you and recognize your success as you build your business. Our Lifestyle Getaway Program will enable you to enjoy the luxury that your efforts deserve.

Pay Outs

The company pays weekly and monthly

You can get paid by check

You can get paid via your Zivizi debit card up to $50,000.. You will need to transfer to your bank. to make more room! Nice problem to have.


With Zivizi, you are not left alone. Your support and training is available to all members. There are weekend meetings, support from your sponsor and support from your sponsor team leader. 

Each Zpromotor will get a fully functional personal website​ with a powerfull and complete back end. Here are some of the things you have in the back end.

Zivizi Personal  Website with Backend

Zivizi personal site
Zivizi personal site
Zivizi personal site

1. Order & Enroll where you can place orders and manage your monthly auto reorders

2. View your team - this is a very powerful section which allows you to see everything that is going on with your team. Most MLMs don't have this feature for you to monitor your team and its growth.  You have multiple views of unilevel downline, table views, tree views and matrix views etc​

3. Commissions - of course we need to see this. You have access to current, monthly and group sales commissions. You also have Group Volume Report and commission history, You have all the financial information you need in your back office.

4. Recources Personal site, Library center, Events Calendar, Custom Reports, and Print Center used for business cards, brochures and other documents.

Zivizi Gear, attractive tees and running gear for those who want to brand their business!

I am told there are more products in development and they plan to continue to update and make existing products even better where ever possible.

Getting Started is Easy

Get started with Zivizi with these four simple steps that any one can follow and teach

Step 1: Join as a Zpromoter​ and purchase the Basic Starter Zpack for $125

Step 2: Keep you account active when you purchase $75 per month

Step 3: Personally sponsor 2 Zpromoters​

Step 4: Simple teach and help the others through steps 1, 2 & 3, thats it.​

FREE eBook

Here is what you get when you join Zivizi as a Zpromoter

Purchase the Zpromoter Basic Starter Zpack for $125, the following included: product samples and 30 day supply of Arise, everything required to get started, getting started training, 90 Day Plan, business tools, personalize website, training resources, sales, online business hub, thumb drive, eWallet, Zivizi debit card and success training.

Zivizi Promoter Positions

4 Tiers Promoter Director Executive Diamond

Zivizi Tier Structure

As an Zpromoter, you can increase your commission payouts

  • Zpromoter Pack - $125
  • ZEssence Pack – $500
  • Director Pack – $1000
  • Executive Pack – $2500

The difference between each package is how much product you get and where you start on the commission ladder

Those who want to make big money faster will opt to start at the Executive Level. There are huge incentives to start at this level. For starters, you receive 20% commission on those who you recruit. For each Executive you recruit you will receive a $500 check in the mail soon afterwards. 5 Executive recruits and you are "All In" for FREE!​

What I really like about Zivizi, is that if you join as a Zpromoter and sponsor an Executive, you will still receive a commission. In another program I belong, you lose all commissions for downline joining at a higher level. You will not get the maximum, this is still better than getting no commission at all for your hard work. Many can not afford to be fully invested in the beginning. They work hard to sponsor someone only to get $0 for their efforts is wrong. Not so with Zivizi! You will earn a commission.

Recap of the original questions:

Can you make money with Zivizi? The answer is YES. 

Is this a legit business? YES

Its a real business, real products, and real office locations you can visit. Multi city offices coming soon

Is this a safe business to join? YES

I believe Zivizi will be a great opportunity to anyone wanting to change their life.

The training program is very simple and easy to implement. You are never without support, your sponsor is responsible for your training and knowledge. Sponsors are trained to do all they can to help you become a success.

Zivizi Verdict

Zivizi is a system designed to help you break 6-figures in income online in a short period of time. They have done their homework. Leadership responded to marketers wanted by designing a generous commission structure. To do this they combined the best MLM incentive and commission packages with to creative the best offering out there. As you already know, there are over 11 ways to make money with Zivizi. So yes, you can make money and make it fast if you are committed to changing your life.

Having joined other top tier MLM's what I really find unique and special about Zivizi is that if you can not afford to go all in, you can still earn top commission payouts for the downline who start higher than you.​

Zivizi is  not a scam, they offer real products and most important, quality products that will sell themselves. The leadership is fully committed to your success and will make all the resources available for your success. Their goal is to provide value to the customer and the promoters.

Something To Think About

If you are not happy with where you are and feeling trapped or no room for growth in your current position. Or you are not doing what you really want to do or what makes you happy. Then I encourage you to consider this special opportunity with Zivizi. Take advantage now and let this change your life.

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Final Words

Profitable MLMs get saturated fast making them more difficult for the late comer to create the same earning as the early adopters.  The window of opportunity is now. Change your life, sign up now.

Don Freeman

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